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How Our Specialized USMLE STEP 1 Prep Course Can Help You

USMLE Step 1 exams are becoming more challenging with each passing year and success rates around the country are plummeting.

At Delphi, we have a proven track record of helping students by moving away from the traditional methods of preparing for USMLE Step 1.



At Delphi we offer a Live USMLE Step 2 CS preparation course, that is taught by ECFMG certified physicians, with a 100% passing rate. Passing the USMLE Step 2 CS exam on the 1st attempt is crucial for Residency Programs to even consider your application. Keeping this in mind, Medical Legends will do whatever it takes to help you pass the USMLE Step 2 CS exam on your first attempt, with higher performance in all 3 Components that make up the exam


Live USMLEWorld Question Session + Live Lecture 7 Weeks

At Medical Legends, we offer 7 weeks of USMLEWorld questions session with live lectures. We help our students score higher on the Step 2 CK exam by teaching them question handling strategies—undoubtedly the most crucial part of USMLE Step 2 CK Exam. Most students have a sound understanding of the fundamental theories but lack confidence when it comes to practicing questions.

This is accomplished through the comprehensive study plan and the high-yield lectures provided by Medical Legends that proven to be successful.

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4 Weeks Live Prep.

This course is remodeled to help reduce student’s financial and dedicated preparation stress time , without taking any of the quality away from the 7-week course. Students who are dedicated, driven and highly motivated to pass their exams in a restricted period of time are recommended to take this course. Over these 4-weeks students are expected to follow weekly, daily and hourly plans assigned ,along with Step 1 material provided to ensure absolute quality of the program .

A typical day of a student would consist of:

  • Lectures from 8:30 AM until 1:00 PM with assigned breaks.
  • After lectures, students are encouraged to stay back at the center and review the lecture material question until 6:00 PM.
  • A review question session will be held after the completion of each topic in the evening.
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Our Strategies .


  • Financially beneficial to students with limited budget.

  • Rigorous study plans to maximize knowledge.

  • Small class size to ensure that students receive personal attention.

  • Receive a comprehensive daily study plan and high yield lectures.

  • One on one Review & analysis in all NBME until the day of the exam.

  • In class question session every day.

Download E-Book "7 Most Common Problems.... Students Face When Preparing For The USMLE Steps"



    Studying for STEP 1 can be daunting, especially if your basic science knowledge is deficient. Most Caribbean students are helpless when faced with that reality and such was my story. Coming from a Caribbean school, I was very confused and frustrated on how to study for STEP 1, then one of my family member recommended Delphi prep program. I was very skeptical at first but due to my helplessness, I decided to give this program a try and this program exceeded my expectations. Dr Roy was very understanding and personable. He helped me realize the pits of my wrongful medical reasonings and how I can correct my wrong ideologies on how I approached medicine. He always made sure that he went to the core of the topic and made sure that I understood the concept than mere memorization. He taught me strategies to schematically approach questions which is a very important skill to know in my opinion. He also taught me fundamentals and trained me to increase my test taking stamina. He broke down the topics into diagrams and flow charts, finding the optimal approach so that I can understand the material at hand. He always had a clinical approach in how he taught topics, making sure I understood that, I am studying for my patient whom I will treat one day than passing grade on STEP 1. I cannot say enough about Dr.Roy - "Best USMLE Tutor",he understands medicine so well and he does that with full passion. He kept guiding me through the process even after the course was done until the day of my exam. I would not hesitate to recommend Delphi prep program to everyone that wants to ace this test. He is someone who believed in me, constantly motivating me to do better & I wouldn't have done well on my step 1 without his step by step guidance. He has been nothing but a blessing and I can't wait to start my step 2 prep with him. Thank you Dr.Roy!

    - Steffi N, Texas



    As an IMG, USMLE is always seems to be most challenging exam in the world. I started preparing for step 1 long back ago, but not in proper direction and till then USMLE exam seems to be EVIL in my life, against which I have to win but I don’t know how? Then I joined Medical Legends, and it was the best decision of my life. Dr. Roy is an amazing teacher. He has every concept 100% clear in his mind, so in that way he is the best guide for all our questions regarding the study materials. He showed the technique to convert short term memory into long term memory which is the key to succeed in USMLE. Each and every lecture class was full of knowledge and to the point. By the end of training I started gaining confidence that, Yes, I can do this. After completing class, he continued to give guidance via phone and message and that lead to success in step 1 exam. He is the best guide, teacher and friend. He helped me to get success in step 2 CK as well via telephonic contact. And very few people do that selflessly. So, I have great respect for him as well as Medical legends. All you need is one opportunity, just one person who is willing to believe in you to make all which seemed impossible become within your reach. And, I would like to thank Dr. Roy for that. Best of luck to you all.

    - Sheetal , South Carolina



    Everyone has dreams and aspiration for their lives. If you want to be a doctor in the United States, you must be able to get through USMLE exams, but this is easier said than done. There are a lot of courses out there and a lot of advice online. It is hard to decide what is the best for you. I choose Medical Legends, purely by chance, but I do not regret it at all. Dr. Roy was able to coach me through my preparations and tackle any difficult concepts that I had trouble with. It’s only because I listened to him was I able to get through this hurdle in my life. Words could not explain how grateful I and my family are to him. Now I have joined for my Step 2 preparation as well. If you are having trouble preparing for you Step 1 Exam, give Medical Legends a chance. After joining the course, I realized that this exam is not impossible, and the hope for my dreams has been restored.

    - Dr. Gladson, Michigan

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