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Housing & Visa

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Candlewood Suites

27 West 300 Warrenville Road

Warrenville, IL 60555


Prices for Studio Suite (prices are listed per room, not per student)

Prices for 1 Bedroom Suite (prices are listed per room, not per student)

PLEASE NOTE: If a student stays 30 consecutive nights on the 31st night all tax on the first 30 nights is credited back and any additional consecutive night stays no tax is charged. Illinois law requires us to charge tax on first 30.


Amenities offered with Candlewood Suites are as follows

  • Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stovetop, microwave, coffee maker, cooking utensils, dishes, and cutlery

  • Free Wireless Internet access available

  • Free guest laundry

  • Pet-friendly rooms available

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner items available for purchase 24 hours a day

Studio Suites
  • 1-6 Nights – US$81

  • 7-14 Nights – US$70

  • 15-29 Nights – US$60

  • 30+ Nights – US$40

Need help to make the right decision?

Schedule a free consult with an instructor.

Student Support & Visa Information

Delphi USMLE Prep is devoted in aiding international medical students and graduates to navigate the logistical and administrative details of taking and passing the USMLE Steps in the United States. At Delphi USMLE Prep we know how valuable your time is which is why Delphi USMLE Prep offers multiple courses, so students can select the one that suits their educational as well as their financial needs best. Taking all of this into consideration, Delphi USMLE Prep has created a support service dedicated to our student’s needs.


Delphi USMLE Prep’s student support services include help with:

  • Course Selection and Scheduling

  • Financial Aid to those who qualify

  • Finding appropriate and affordable housing

  • Obtaining B1/Tourist Multiple Entry Visas


When it comes to Visas, there can always be a lot of questions and confusion as to which one should be applied for B/Tourist or an F/Student, which is why Delphi USMLE Prep has broken all that information down for you. Because all of the courses are 7-weeks long or less, all of our students qualify for the B1 Multiple entry/Tourist Visa.

Difference between B1 & F1

  • B/Tourist Visas costs less in application fees and is a simpler application process. For example, students will only need to be in the United States for 4 or 7 weeks to attend the Step 1 courses that Delphi USMLE Prep offers. Unlike other programs that only offer courses that are 8 weeks long, our Step 1 courses do not require an F/Student Visa because the courses are less than 8 weeks.

  • Other review courses make students stay a minimum of 8 weeks in the United States because they don’t offer any shorter courses. Delphi USMLE Prep offers multiple course options that will save students money because they won’t have to pay as much for housing, food, travel and other expenses.

  • Delphi USMLE Prep has developed a unique and all around effective program that is guaranteed to save all of the students time, money, and fully prepare them for the USMLE Step 1, Step 2 Ck and CS exams.

  • By taking on some of the burden, this allows you to focus on what really matters: learning and cultivating your medical knowledge in order to successfully pass the USMLE Steps.

    **Note these services are only available to Delphi USMLE Prep Applicants and not the general public.

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