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Studying for STEP 1 can be daunting, especially if your basic science knowledge is deficient. Most Caribbean students are helpless when faced with that reality and such was my story. Coming from a Caribbean school, I was very confused and frustrated on how to study for STEP 1, then one of my family member recommended Delphi prep program. I was very skeptical at first but due to my helplessness, I decided to give this program a try and this program exceeded my expectations. Dr Roy was very understanding and personable. He helped me realize the pits of my wrongful medical reasonings and how I can correct my wrong ideologies on how I approached medicine. He always made sure that he went to the core of the topic and made sure that I understood the concept than mere memorization. He taught me strategies to schematically approach questions which is a very important skill to know in my opinion. He also taught me fundamentals and trained me to increase my test taking stamina. He broke down the topics into diagrams and flow charts, finding the optimal approach so that I can understand the material at hand. He always had a clinical approach in how he taught topics, making sure I understood that, I am studying for my patient whom I will treat one day than passing grade on STEP 1. I cannot say enough about Dr.Roy - "Best USMLE Tutor",he understands medicine so well and he does that with full passion. He kept guiding me through the process even after the course was done until the day of my exam. I would not hesitate to recommend Delphi prep program to everyone that wants to ace this test. He is someone who believed in me, constantly motivating me to do better & I wouldn't have done well on my step 1 without his step by step guidance. He has been nothing but a blessing and I can't wait to start my step 2 prep with him. Thank you Dr.Roy!! replaced-content">

- Steffi N, Texas

Everyone knows how stressful is studying for the USMLE exams, but only those who had failed know how hard is to recollect and try do it again, and again, and again. As an IMG, I was also struggling with test taking strategies, how to read the question quickly but carefully, and how to use all the knowledge and find the right answer in one minute. I was lucky enough to find out about Medical Legends and Dr. Roy who has had a huge impact on me since the first day I’ve met him. We agreed to do “one-on-one” preparation and he accommodated the schedule to my job. After only a few sessions the difference was obvious. The good thing about “one-on-one” approach was that we were focused only on my weaknesses, we could change the course of the day as needed, spending more time on my mistakes and questions. During two months of tutoring, I was lucky and happy to get all the answers and advises, since Dr. Roy is very knowledgeable and familiar with all the material and books for the exams. Above everything, his teaching abilities are amazing. He has simple explanations and graphs that are easy to remember and stick to your memory forever. With his warm and friendly personality I had a feeling that I was studying with someone I have known forever. That only made the journey even easier.After successfully passing my Step 2 CK, I will definitely study with him for Step 3, since Dr. Roy and Medical Legends have changed my life. I am so grateful for that.

- Dr. Marija, Serbia

Everyone has dreams and aspiration for their lives. If you want to be a doctor in the United States, you must be able to get through USMLE exams, but this is easier said than done. There are a lot of courses out there and a lot of advice online. It is hard to decide what is the best for you. I choose Medical Legends, purely by chance, but I do not regret it at all. Dr. Roy was able to coach me through my preparations and tackle any difficult concepts that I had trouble with. It’s only because I listened to him was I able to get through this hurdle in my life. Words could not explain how grateful I and my family are to him. Now I have joined for my Step 2 preparation as well. If you are having trouble preparing for you Step 1 Exam, give Medical Legends a chance. After joining the course, I realized that this exam is not impossible, and the hope for my dreams has been restored.

- Dr. Gladson, Michigan

As an IMG, I have heard of them all when it comes to USMLE resources. However, I came upon Dr. Roy and his remarkable Staff by absolute chance- from a friend who took his course on the last minute whim. Like with any endeavor, one does their research with courses and material before committing. If it was CS related, I read it! Unlike most courses, which just provide their perspective on what is "correct" and pump you out for the next batch in 3 days, Dr. Roy and his Team do not!! They are very personalized to their approach, which for me was definitely a real shocker! They are one-on-one! They listen to you needs, mine being an individual to practice cases on, and set up the course accordingly. Dr. Roy makes sure to identify your weaknesses each encounter and really polish them up before your exam date (even to the mini subconscious habits like posture)! But not only that, Dr. Roy is constantly updating his syllabus! He makes sure you are ahead of the others and he listens to your opinion!! He doesn't take the easy route, he goes QUALITY! He makes sure that you train with the very best from the very beginning.

- Martha L, Chicago

I just got my Step 2 CS results back and I'm happy to say that I passed! I wanted to thank Dr. Roy and his SP for helping me prepare for this exam. Quick background, as an international medical graduate preparing for the USMLE Step 2 CS, I knew how important it was to pass this exam on the first attempt. Despite the fact that students are able to pass this exam without taking a review course, I personally didn't feel comfortable taking that risk and potentially jeopardizing my career. Hence why I decided to look for a review course. I then came across the Medical legends Step 2 CS program, which was recommended to me by a friend. Ultimately I ended up signing up with Medical legends because 1) Dr. Roy is an ECFMG certified physician who has passed his board exams. Only someone that has taken these exams can guide others to do well on them. Furthermore, I was told that he was very good at analyzing students weaknesses and mistakes 2) The course was 8 days long, as opposed to other courses that were only 3 days long. This was important to me because I needed time to digest and practice the material that was taught during a given day. We didn't move on to the next lesson until I had mastered the previous day's material 3) He has a very high pass rate. This is due to the overall quality of the course, as well as Dr. Roy's ability to assess whether or not a student is ready to take this exam.

- Dr. Siddiqui, Caribbean Medical School

As an IMG, preparing for the CS exam can be both challenging and confusing if you don’t know what to expect from it. I realized that to pass this exam, a proper preparation is an important factor that differentiates a success and a failure. I trusted Dr. Roy and took his advice regarding my CS preparation. He has taught me the right approach for all the components of the CS exam. His script for the patient encounter was well-organized and effective. I was able to perform all my patient encounters systematically and on time using his script. I used his constructive criticisms as a guide to improve my performance. His feedback and pointers on my patient notes were also very helpful. On the day of my exam, I felt confident that I have prepared properly for it. I am always thankful to Dr. Roy for all his help. He has guided me throughout my CS preparation and has encouraged me to perform well. He was very easy to work with. He listens to his students so he can teach according to what works best for them. I felt that I was well taken care of as a student. After passing my CS exam, I knew I definitely made the right decision to trust Medical Legends regarding my CS preparation.

- Dr. Joanne, Philippines

Hi, I like to thanks first to my Lord for his help and Dr. Roy for guiding me through this CS exam ,as an IMG I have a had time to understand this exam component and every step before, with his help from the day one I noticed the change in my preparation ,his book is great and the way he teach is great he is a very polite and a great person and also his criticism in my preparation help me a lot and I listened to his instructions as a result I passed my exam and ,I recommend his program to students who need help to prepare this exam IMG or AMG anyone can be benefit from it as he is a good doctor himself and also he tell you what the board wants or what new changes they add to trick the student who only follow the FA or old way ,there is no Medical knowledge changed but the way to this exam and do the scoring is important ,because the student who fail do all the FA too, good luck to all.Thanks doc , it is pleasure to be your student and learn from you I can say I missed many points you teach me but I still apply 80% and got this beast CS out heading for step 3 now.

- Asma Z, California

As an IMG, USMLE is always seems to be most challenging exam in the world. I started preparing for step 1 long back ago, but not in proper direction and till then USMLE exam seems to be EVIL in my life, against which I have to win but I don’t know how? Then I joined Medical Legends, and it was the best decision of my life. Dr. Roy is an amazing teacher. He has every concept 100% clear in his mind, so in that way he is the best guide for all our questions regarding the study materials. He showed the technique to convert short term memory into long term memory which is the key to succeed in USMLE. Each and every lecture class was full of knowledge and to the point. By the end of training I started gaining confidence that, Yes, I can do this. After completing class, he continued to give guidance via phone and message and that lead to success in step 1 exam. He is the best guide, teacher and friend. He helped me to get success in step 2 CK as well via telephonic contact. And very few people do that selflessly. So, I have great respect for him as well as Medical legends. All you need is one opportunity, just one person who is willing to believe in you to make all which seemed impossible become within your reach. And, I would like to thank Dr. Roy for that. Best of luck to you all.

- Sheetal , South Carolina

I was randomly looking for review classes for the Step 2 CS and I came across Dr. Roy’s Medical Legends Workshop. I was fortunate enough that when I enrolled for the class, I was the only student at that time and it made the review sessions thorough. I was able to practice a lot of cases that will really prepare you for the real deal. He is very strict and he will only expect the best from you, hence after taking his classes you will be confident in taking the Step 2 CS. I am thankful for all his patience and dedication to help me pass the test. Whether you are an IMG or an AMG, studying with Dr. Roy will help you a lot in acing the Step 2 CS.

- Dr. Audrey, G, Dyer, Indiana

I had Dr. Roy as my step 2 CS tutor last year, and one word…amazing. He had all the passion to teach and put in his sincere efforts to really help me out with my CS prep. I passed with high performance in all my components. Dr. Roy really wants to see his students succeed. He was very thorough in his criticism of my performance which helped me to practice more..ultimately which helped me to do awesome on my exam which became a cake walk. He’s cool and I enjoyed every moment being his student. Any day, hands down, I would recommend Dr. Roy as a tutor!

- Dr. Afrah. S , Michigan

The way i wanna describe Medical Legends is 'they build in the confidence'. It was like climbing the stairs. Single step at a time. I did 5 sessions with Dr Roy, he thought everything in a structured and systematic pattern. After doing the 5th session i could feel that i was ready to take CS head on. I highly recommend to take the course. Thank you Dr Roy for helping me pass the exam with such an ease.

- Dr. Akil, Illinois

Dr. Roy definitely knows what he is teaching. I was in desperate need of a tutor for Step 2 CS and by some miracle, my father got me in contact with him. From Day 1, I learned a lot and saw my progression each day. He is very patient, kind and knowledgeable. I owe my Step 2 CS score to Dr. Roy, who engraved in me that hard work pays off. Now, I am applying to my match this year. Whether you’re an IMG or AMG, his knowledge of the material is essential for a successful score of step 2 CS. Thanks Dr. Roy!

- Dr. Wendy , All Saints University, Dominica

My tutor did an excellent job, and I will recommend your program to other students. He explained the information in a simple way. He taught the material as if it was my first time seeing it. The focus was to start from the mechanism and build from that. The sessions were never rushed, every session went based on my understanding of the material. The subject that I was afraid of were made in a simple way, which allows me to be confident to explain material when questions are asked. I was never able to do that before I started with my tutor. Now, when I talk about the material I have assurance behind what I say instead of guessing. This tutor gave me courage and confidence with the material. The dedication and passion to teach is something that you will not find everywhere. Thank You.

- Williams , Saint James School of Medicine

I had several attempts on my Step 2CK exam and was almost at the point of giving up. Then I found Dr Roy – a lifesaver! He met with me first (free of charge) to go over where I had gone wrong in the past, what were my strong points, and where I still needed help. He was great at going back and teaching me the basics. He was patient and didn’t mind explaining a concept several times if I needed it. We also skipped over things that I already knew well so that we had time to cover everything. It was nice to have everything so personalized and perfect for my needs. In addition to the medical knowledge provided, he also gave me such confidence in myself. He didn’t let me get discouraged about the past, and only focused on how much I could improve going forward. Well, I got my score back on Wednesday and received a 233!!! I am so happy and would 100% recommend Dr Roy and Medical Legends to anyone.

- Sarah , American University of Integrative Sciences

PASSED MY STEP 2 CS WITH HIGH PERFORMANCE IN ICE, HIGHER IN CIS, AND HIGHEST WITH A STAR IN SEP”!!! Wow, amazing isn’t it….Now that’s called Dr. Roy effect. Dr. Roy is a gifted teacher who is quick in analyzing your weaknesses and then concentrates on them. He makes the step 2 CS learning experience real fun. I enjoyed every second of being his student. One particular thing that comes to my mind about his teaching is the way he keeps you updated about those LITTLE things that have a BIG impact on your final outcome. Another thing is his gifted ability to assess your level of preparation which is near accurate. His capability to analyse the patient notes is impressive. All in all I would highly recommend his USMLE step 2 CS workshops.

- Dr. Subhan. M , Michigan

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