Frequently Asked Questions.

General FAQ’s

What is USMLE?

USMLE stands for United States Medical Licensing Exam. This is an exam that provides the license for doctors to practice medicine in United States.

How is Delphi different than other USMLE prep centers?

We are proud of our small class sizes, one on one meetings, and individualized study plans that set our center apart from other USMLE prep centers. Delphi recognizes each student as an individual and we will meet the needs of each student to see them succeed.

Do you take students who have not taken the exam yet? Or only students who have taken and not passed?

All students are welcome to take the courses at Delphi. We encourage students to take our prep course before they take the exam to ensure success. If a student has taken the exam and not passed, we look at their score report to see where the problem was before the course begins. We then work with this student to create an individualized study plan.

Do you take students from other countries?

Delphi welcomes all students while they are preparing for their USMLE exams.

I failed my exam on the first attempt, will your course be good for me?

Our courses are tailored to students who have and have not yet taken the exam. Each topic is discussed until each student has a full understanding. If you have taken the exam and did not pass, you will be introduced to a different teaching style that will allow you to absorb information that you may have missed the first time.

Can I start in the middle of the course?

We do not recommend starting a course after it has begun. Students should begin on their orientation day. If there is an issue with the orientation day, students are required to express this concern to the Delphi team.

What happens if I fail the USMLE exam after taking a Delphi course?

Delphi will give a full refund for students who do not pass Step 1 or Step 2 CK. If students are following the schedule, rules and regulations, and advice from the lecturer, this should not happen. The USMLE Step 2 CS exam is based on student performance, but if a student does not perform properly and does not pass the exam after taking the Delphi course, the student will be trained without charge until the exam is passed.

Is there a place that I can study while I am taking the course?

There are designated study areas within our prep location for students to utilize. Students will have access to the classroom, the café, nearby libraries, and their hotel to study while taking a course with Delphi.

Do I have to give Delphi my USMLE score when I receive it?

Students do not have to share their score reports with Delphi once they have received them. Delphi does like to know whether or not you have passed the exam, but it is up to the student to reach out with this information. If a student would like to share the score report, Delphi will keep this information confidential and use it to accurately update our passing rate.

Where can I stay during the course?

Delphi has contracts with hotels in the area that allows our students to stay for a discounted price. The hotels include a miniature kitchen stocked with essentials for cooking.

How will I get from my hotel to the course location?

The hotel locations Delphi is contracted with each supply a shuttle service for the students to utilize during their stay. The shuttles have designated times for Delphi students.

What do I do about meals during my stay?

The hotel accommodations Delphi is contracted with provides a miniature kitchen stocked with necessary cooking utensils. Students are able to bring lunch with them to the center, but breakfast and dinner are to be had in the hotel. Students will have access to the café in our location with reasonably priced items. Students who are cooking in their hotel rooms have access to grocery stores in the area.

How can I get a discount?

Discounts are offered to students who are veterans or currently serving in the military, repeat students, and under certain circumstances. All of our students are given equal treatment unless they meet the requirements or require special attention.

What do I get for referring a friend?

Any student who refers someone to Delphi will receive a $150 gift card. When you refer someone, make sure to tell the Delphi team members who you referred so you can get your gift card. If you were referred to Delphi, make sure the team members know who sent you so they can get the credit they deserve.

USMLE Step 1

Is 4 weeks long enough to master Step 1?

Students will receive a schedule when the course begins. This schedule is created for the students to be able to learn the necessary topics from the lecturer in four weeks. It is then up to the student to have the discipline and structure to study on their own. Delphi will meet with the student one on one until the day of the exam to check in on their studying and allow them to take the exam.

How much access will I have to the lecturer conducting the course?

Our courses are set up, so the lecturer is available to all students for one on one meetings for counseling and guidance until the day of the exam. All students will have unlimited access to each lecturer.

Do I have to bring my own First Aid book?

The most recent edition of First Aid Step 1 will be provided to all students when they come to Delphi for their orientation day.

What do I do every afternoon when the lecture is finished?

Delphi Step 1 courses end around 1:00pm, students will then follow the schedule provided to study the material they have learned in lecture. Our students use UWorld to answer question blocks. Students will be answering questions daily as well as reviewing the material learned in lecture to ensure their understanding of each topic.

Can I preview Step 1 prep material before enrolling?

Delphi does not have Step 1 Live Prep material available for preview before enrolling. When a student enrolls, the Delphi team members speak with each student and explain the course thoroughly to ensure the student knows all details before they come for their first day.

Is the lecture available online?

Unfortunately, the lectures are not available online for students. Our teachers believe live lectures will help the students connect to the material being taught and leave a long term impact on each student.

I have test taking difficulties, can you help?

Delphi will work with students to pick through each question and the answer choices available. The students will learn to narrow the answer choices down and then choose the best answer from there. The students will also learn the understanding as to why that answer was the best choice for the question.

How many times should I do UWorld before the USMLE exam?

Delphi recommends all students complete UWorld twice. The first time you will cover organ systems and the second time will be mixed mode. Although completing UWorld twice will help, it does not matter how many times you study the questions. What matters is that each student has the skills and strategies to answer the questions accurately.

What should I do after the 4 weeks?

When the four-week course is over, students will then receive another schedule informing them of exactly what they should be studying and what questions to be answering until the day of their exam. The lecturer will be meeting with each student to check in on their progress to ensure they are ready to take the USMLE exam.

What question bank is recommended?

There are many resources available to study for the USMLE Step 1 exam. Delphi USMLE prep center recommends the UWorld question bank. If there is a need of other resources to best suit the studying process, the Delphi team will make recommendations based on the needs of the student.

How many NBME’s should I take before the USMLE exam?

Delphi recommends that students take all of the NBME’s available before taking the USMLE Exam and share each score with Delphi so the lecturers can track their progress. This will allow Delphi to better guide each student through their USMLE journey.

When should I schedule the USMLE exam?

When our students finish the course, they will meet individually with the lecturer to discuss student performance throughout the course. They will also take a look at the assessments the student has taken and NBME scores. Each student is different so the lecturer will create a study plan with the student to decide how they will continue to study before taking the USMLE exam. The instructor will help the students decide when the best time for you to take the exam will be.

What can I do to improve my NBME score?

In order to improve your NBME score, students will take what is learned in class, interactions with the lecturer and other students, and study hard while putting their full effort forward. After each NBME is complete the students will share their scores with the lecturer to create a specialized plan for the rest of their studying. Repetition is key with each concept in order to grasp the full understanding.

What can I do to increase my stamina during the USMLE exam?

There are many ways to increase your stamina during the USMLE Exam. Our lecturers will teach these strategies throughout the courses as well as question answering strategies that best suit the needs for each student.

What other resources can I use during preparation?

Delphi Step 1 advises students to use UWorld and First Aid Step 1 to prepare for the USMLE Step 1 exam.


What makes Delphi USMLE Step 2 CK course so effective?

Delphi’s instructors are doctors who have taken the exams, scored well, and have United States clinical experience. The curriculum that they teach is geared towards success on the exams and the courses follow an active learning approach that allows our students to learn more in a quicker amount of time. This helps students with long term ability to retain the information and score well on their exam.

Is a UWorld subscription included in the price?

Unfortunately, no, but our lecturers will teach you how to answer each question strategically and accurately.

How long is the course?

The Delphi USMLE Step 2 CK course is a 7-week course. The students will come to class 5 days a week for in person, live lectures and questions sessions.

What is the course schedule, what does a day in the class look like?

The first day of the course will be an orientation where a schedule is given. Lectures are Monday through Friday from 8:30- 10:00am. The lecture will be followed by UWorld questions, a lunch break, and subject oriented focus sessions until approximately 3:30pm. The UWorld questions are done in a group setting to analyze what the best answer choice is and why. The questions offer extra learning points from the lecture they are taught that morning.

Are lectures available online?

After the course begins you will gain access to the online lectures our instructor has created for you. These lectures will be available indefinitely. Our students are still required to come to class daily and follow the schedule set for them to succeed.

When can I take the USMLE exam after the course?

Delphi students follow a schedule while they are enrolled in the course as well as what will happen after the 7-week course has finished. The “after the course” schedule allows 2 months of dedicated individual studying. Students will see more success if they abide by the advice their instructor has given them and use this time to their advantage.

What topics are covered?

The topics covered by Delphi are internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, psychiatry, and neurology. If the course schedule is followed, the students will study 40 questions for 5 days a week to equal out to 1,440 questions throughout the time of the course. The students are also required to study 80 questions on Saturdays and this increases as the weeks pass. Students will study 2,000+ questions by the end of course. Each question bank has 3,000+ questions, so the last 1,000+ will be completed individually after the course has ended.

How many students are in Step 2 CK?

Delphi takes 6 students per Step 2 CK course. This allows personalized attention to each student and gives the instructor the ability to individualize each students study plan.

What books do you use for Step 2 CK?

Delphi instructors recommend First Aid Step 2 CK 10th Edition.


How do I schedule my Step 2 CS course?

Students enroll online through Delphi USMLE website, the Delphi team will contact the student, and the students schedule will be made. All orientation start dates are to be found on the website under the “schedules” tab.

When should I take the course?

Delphi recommends that students take the Step 2 CS course, whether it be the 5-day or 7-day, at least one to two weeks before their exam. The course will build student confidence, therefore the closer you get to the exam, the better.

What does the course include?

Delphi Step 2 CS course includes our own personalized book written by Dr. Roy Lingam, 35+ case scenarios to practice with real SP’s, and one on one teachings for how to write a proper patient note. Students will learn from our book and practice these techniques with the SP in both the 5- and 7-day courses. There is also an opportunity to learn and build on challenging questions, strong closures, and confident counseling’s.

Will I see better results with the 5-day or 7-day course?

The Delphi 5-day course is recommended for those who have attended United States Medical Schools. The 7-day course is recommended for students who attended an International Medical School. This gives the extra two days to ensure their confidence in technique and stamina, as passing Step 2 CS is crucial to obtaining U.S. Residency.

My English is not good, what should I do?

When it comes to CS, we have a scripted handbook that lays the path for you to succeed. If a student practices this, it will become easier. With extra training and time spent practicing, we can ensure that you pass the exam. This might take longer than a student who speaks English, but Delphi is here to help.

What do I bring with me?

Students will need to bring a writing utensil on their orientation day. Delphi will provide the book that needs to be studied to complete our course. Following the first day, the students will need to bring a confident, healthy attitude and their stethoscope.

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